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Bella Web Design should be at the top of anyone’s list when hunting for a web design firm. They explain all the steps in plain English and walk you through each part of the web design process, from the big design and messaging ideas to the small details. And they provide helpful support after your site goes live. Working with Bella Web means one less thing to worry about when you’re running a business.
Terence Finan, Seattle, WA

I was referred to Bella Web Design through a friend. I had a good idea of how I wanted the site to look and conveyed that information to the designers. They provided a clean, professional looking website at a very competitive price that met all my expectations. She also placed my site on the first page of Google!
Tony Reaves, Atlanta, GA

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Desiree and her awesome crew! From the very beginning the process of developing a new website went smooth as silk. We needed direction, we needed assistance and a lot of help and it was given to us without any hesitation and with speed and accuracy. We love our new website!
Jennifer Atkins -- Atkins Security, Woodstock, GA

Desiree is truly a Digital Imagineer - she goes beyond simply doing a task (email marketing, web design, etc.) into designing the end result to be even better than I could have dreamed. So glad to have Desiree's team on my team!
Sandy Weaver Carman -- Voiceover Work on Demand, Atlanta, GA

Desiree and her team at Simply Bella Web Design are easy to work with. Although I am not literate in web design, she and Matthew were very patient in helping me come up with a design that meets my needs. For someone who is putting up a website for the first time, I felt that this was very important. Under Desiree's direction, the site has a truly professional look that I wanted. Finally, I felt that this was a great value. She has won my business and if you give her the opportunity I am sure that you will agree with me that Simply Bella Web Design is Simply Wonderful!!!!
John Brothers--Finoptima Solutions, Dayton, OH

My company's original web site was created in 2006, and it was time for us to present a more professional, refined image on the internet. We are a commercial real estate investment management firm with over $5 billion of assets under management that has outsourced most of its IT functions. Since we are investment professionals with little knowledge of web site development, we wanted to hire a web site development team that would 1) create a polished web site that is easy to maintain, 2) be responsive to our requests in a timely manner, 3) be based in the US, 4) have the expertise to design databases into our website, 5) provide us with design ideas that create the image we want to portray to our clients, and 6) provide all of these services at a reasonable price. After an extensive search, we selected Bella Web Design based upon their extensive portfolio and client recommendations. Bella Web Design exceeded all of my expectations. I personally feel that they are one of the most responsive organizations I've ever had the pleasure of working with; they have gone above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions. Bella Web Design consistently provides the professionalism, attention to detail, and pride in one's work that you only expect from the best of service providers. I unequivocally recommend Bella Web Design to any company seeking outsourced web design and maintenance.
Mark Tracy -- Quadrant Real Estate Advisors, Atlanta, GA

There are some people you just "click" with when it comes to working together. That was my experience with Desiree. From the moment we met, I knew she was a brilliant business woman with the ability to quickly execute on my ideas. The best part was that she also brought a warm and relatable demeanor to things which created a sense of shared connection and allowed me to focus on doing what I do best while trusting her to handle her side of the project. If you are ready to hop on the digital marketing train, Desiree is the woman to contact.
Leanne Stewart -- Ideations, Gothenburg, Sweden

I met Desiree personally then discovered her professionally. This award winning business owner had me at hello with her knowledge and 17 years plus success of helping businesses. I got sooo excited, I had to have her on my team. Desiree is helping me take my business to the next level. She defined a huge piece of marketing strategy that will further develop my business success. I and thrilled with the process, procedures and genuine experience she brings that saves tons of time and allows me to have more confidence in my new marketing system than I have ever had. LUV Desiree!
June Cline, CSP, Atlanta, GA

I cannot give enough praise to Desiree and her team at Bella Web Design. She took our small business website from the dark corner of the internet to front and center. Desiree came to us and explained, in minute detail, what she could do for us to expand our business and make our presence bigger and farther reaching on the internet. My suggestion to anyone that is looking to start fresh or revamp is to hire Bella Web Design and bring them onto your team, you will have no regrets! Very satisfied small business owner!!
Shawn Guinther - G and G Cycles and Service, Woodstock, GA

In a world where "everyone" is an expert but NOT with web, mobile and social media, Desiree actually knows her stuff. She is professional, straight forward and tells clients exactly what they need to be successful with their online presence. Whether they want to hear that or not is up to them. Enthusiastically, I give Desiree and the entire Bella Web Design team a well deserved thumbs up!
Barb Giamanco