If you’re looking for an Atlanta responsive mobile web design company, you’re at the right place. We can build mobile responsive websites for anyone, anywhere in the world.

When was the last time you looked at your website on an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or iPad? If you did, did you like what you saw? We’re guessing probably not. Mobile sites are different from desktop sites because the screen size and the physical way people interact with them on a mobile device is completely different. We like to think of mobile sites as “thumb and finger friendly.”

The big question, are your customers frustrated with their mobile experience on your site? 

At Bella Web Design, we can take your standard desktop website and make it into something truly meant for the mobile masses. Here are some statistics to think about:

  • In 2013, more people will access the web through their smartphones than their desktop computers.
  • By 2016, most every person on Earth will own a mobile device.
  • Mobile searches have grown exponentially (4x’s) since 2010.

We believe in mobile so strongly, we include a free responsive mobile version of your site with every custom design!

Here are some of the great features we offer:

  • No need for a separate domain name if you have a WordPress site thus saving you time and money. Our mobile sites can “sniff” to see exactly what device is being used and serve up the correct version of your site!
  • Images are clear and crisp and optimized to load quickly and look beautiful on a retina optimized iPhone which makes you look good ANYWHERE!
  • Easy to use navigation–customers will find everything they need.
  • Updates Synch with Your WordPress Website (No need to update both!)–Saving you time and MONEY!
  • Social Media integration so people can follow you everywhere.
  • Video Support and HTML 5 ready so we can do some cool things on your site which keep people engaged.
  • Full support for Advertising so you can make even more money!
  • Supports Google Analytics which will show you how people are loving your site at any point in time.
  • Multi-Language Support (Automatically changes to the language on the phone!) Impress people in Swahili!

If you’re ready, call us at 770 509 8797 today to get started on your new mobile responsive website!