3 Things Any Business Can Do To Improve Organic Ranking

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3 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips That Will Improve Any Websites Rank On Google

I make my living from SEO primarily because Google’s complex algorithm makes SEO seem almost mystical to people outside of the industry so writing about 3 things a business can do to help themselves probably seems counterproductive. The reality is SEO can be pretty straightforward when you know what works and doesn’t work, it just takes an investment of time to get results. In this article I’m going to break down SEO into 3 main categories and go into brief descriptions with simple instructions that anyone can follow to achieve success.

1. Write about what you know.

Becoming a subject matter expert is one of the best things you can do to improve your websites visibility on search engines and since you already love what you do, writing about it once per week should be easy. Here’s an example of how this works, let’s say you have a business that specializes in travel packages to Europe. Creating content with useful travel tips and how to prepare for an international trip should be easy to do. A list of things you would need for a trip abroad would be very useful. A list of your favorite restaurants in Venice with photos and a diary from your last tour to Venice would be great for people looking for info on that location. Make sure that you blog consistently and the search engines will take notice and come back for your content more and more frequently virtually guaranteeing boosts in traffic each and every time.

2. Get links from people you know.

Links to your website are sort of like a popularity contest, the more links you have the more popular Google believes your site to be. There are links with more authority and there are links with less authority and there are links that have negative authority. Rather than get into a technical discussion on how to identify the good from the bad I’m going to keep this simple and provide easy instructions for link building to a local small business. Lets use an average home services company as an example. They will have relationships with companies and organizations from years of good quality work that can be leveraged into very useful links to improve organic indexing. Any company they purchase products or services from would be an ideal candidate to request a link from. Organizations like HOA’s or commercial companies they have done work for are also great prospects for your link building campaign. Any civic organizations you donate time or money to can also be an excellent source for acquiring good solid backlinks. This takes time and won’t result in a ton of links at first but just like blogging, it’s about a consistent sustained effort that will provide success.

3. Your reputation precedes you.

Online reputation management is simply a fact of life these days and there is no escaping good or bad reviews so I recommend embracing it. Being proactive instead of reactive in the world of online reviews will help with a steady flow of new positive reviews which is the only way to effectively deal with any bad ones that may crop up. Make it easy for your happy customers to find your company profile on their favorite review site by adding a button for them to your website. Also helpful if you have a WordPress site are the plugins that will add the reviews from these sites directly to your own website.

In closing I would like to say that these are very basic tactics that can be leveraged for improving the SEO of your website so don’t expect a miracle but if applied consistently over time they will absolutely help improve your websites rank on Google, Yahoo and ┬áBing.

Author Bio:

Vincent DeCastro has over 13 years of SEO & PPC experience with expertise in helping small businesses improve visibility online. Vincent has been a Senior SEO Analyst with SEO My Business for 4 years.