Bella Web Design Expands Services to Include Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

inkwell-calligraphy-services-atlantaWhen I decided to take up calligraphy as a hobby, I didn’t expect my offline art to become part of my online company, Bella Web Design. However, when I thought about it, it made a lot of sense. Calligraphy is an artistic element that can be added to any design online. You can use calligraphy on websites, online ads, newsletters and logo design. Offline, it’s perfect for invitations, place cards, business cards, holiday cards, envelopes and so much more!

The thing that struck me was in the Facebook groups I joined with other atlanta calligraphy and hand lettering artists, most of them didn’t know how to price their work or even market themselves online. I had already spent over 20 years doing this for both my company and my contractors. I had a lot of experience to share and a large audience to connect them with. Plus, they didn’t have to worry about contracts, billing or organization once I started helping them. The response was immediate. We had calligraphers and lettering artists from California, New York and even London, England waiting to work with us.

So this week we launched our latest division, Inkwell Designers.

I personally created the site myself, going back to my old roots of designing sites in the early years of my Bella career. I really, really enjoyed putting it together and learned some new tricks and techniques too.

My logo was designed by the first calligrapher who trusted me for representation, Jessica Shubert.

Jon Hebert who has worked with me over at Bella for over a decade as a designer, joined on immediately to create logos and digitize our calligraphers work.

If you have a wedding or corporate event that needs invitations, place cards, signage or are looking to refresh your logo or business cards, please take a look at Inkwell Designers. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram showing off our latest work.

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Call us at 770 823 1673 for a quote on your next calligraphy and hand lettering project!