Improve Site Ranking on Google with Blogging

Want to improve site ranking on Google?  Blogging is key. Keeping your blog up to date with the latest articles each month will help you improve site ranking. Here’s why:

  1. It keeps your site active when Google’s spiders crawl it. Google spiders prefer sites that have active content versus no activity at all.
  2. Your potential customers see you as an expert. I can’t stress that enough. Good content is still king and the sites with expert content make the most impact when people are shopping for your services.
  3. It keeps the site keyword content refreshed. Google’s spiders love to see new content on a regular basis and adding content with keywords is key. (Pardon the pun.)

Our new division, Inkwell Designers, has content that is updated monthly. It has made a huge impact on our search engine rankings. I’m sitting here writing this in San Francisco. I did a search for “leather embossing company” and our site comes up on the first page along with other San Francisco companies. You can see it in purple below.

improve site ranking

We also have many clients who work with us and our search engine optimization program who see greatly improved site ranking from their blogging efforts. If you have a web site, you need to blog on a regular basis to improve site ranking.

Don’t forget blogging is one of the easiest tools you have in your search engine optimation toolkit to get your site to rank higher in Google and all search engines. Take advantage of this by blogging monthly or hiring someone to do it for you. Just a warning here, make sure they are communicating with you before they write their posts or publish anything on your site. Ensure you have a way to “approve” their content before they have the power to post something and have a negative effect on your company.