Want 47 Million Fans on Twitter? Businesses Should Follow Katy Perry’s Lead

When I saw this interview with Katy Perry tonight on the American Music Awards red carpet about her Twitter strategy, I nearly fell off my chair. Katy simply gets it. She’s not hiring anyone else to tweet cheesy crap for her. All her content is controlled by Katy herself simply because she understands what makes Twitter work. She understands her audience doesn’t want to be sold to 24 hours a day. They want the real Katy, not some fake manager or publicist she’s hired to do the work for her. People can spot fake tweets a mile away.

“People see the authenticity and genuineness. It’s not always me trying to say ‘buy this thing, buy my record.’ It’s a whole feed on my personality, it’s fun.” There’s the key. Right there. All the money in the world to pay someone else to post tweets yet she continues to tweet for herself. Think about it. People want to connect with people, not brands, constant retweets or sales pitches. Businesses around the globe could learn a thing or two from Katy. No wonder she has 47 million raving fans following her on Twitter. Imagine how much money CEOs and executives waste paying someone else to do their Twitter work when all they have to do is pick up the mobile phone and tweet for themselves. Go Katy!

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