Bella Web Design Featured in Microsoft Partner Solution Case Study

When Desiree Scales, CEO, was looking for a hosting solution to support her company’s new WordPress initiatives, she looked no further than the reliable hosting company that supported her clients over four years–Applied Innovations. Although she knew WordPress sites were mostly run on the Linux platform, she wasn’t willing to give up the superb customer service she experienced at AppliedI even if it meant breaking new ground.

The only problem was WordPress had notable issues running on a Windows platform such as speed and performance. Desiree talked to Jess Coburn, Applied’s CEO, about the problem and how they could resolve it. Jess made some changes to the server and through configuration, deployment and testing, Jess came up with the perfect solution for Desiree’s clients and for any future clients running WordPress on Windows at AppliedI.

There were issues along the way, but Desiree knew AppliedI would work them out quickly because of the great tech support she experienced with the company in the past. Sure enough, those issues were ironed out within days and the sites ran fast with no further hiccups on the Windows platform.

Jess shared the story with Microsoft and they became interested in talking to Desiree about why she decided to stay with a Windows server platform even though they had a chance to switch to a more popular WordPress hosting platform. Desiree explained the company has used Microsoft products for over 12 years as well as hosted over 500 sites on Windows since opening their doors in 1998. Microsoft decided to do a full case study on how Bella Web Design stuck with the Windows hosting platform for their WordPress sites. Read the full Case Study here.

Microsoft was further impressed in the high quality custom sites Bella Web Design created and featured Desiree’s recent WordPress clients in the case study. (Click to read the full case study.) Bella Web Design, Inc. is also proud to announce it is now part of Microsoft’s Partner Program Network and has already been involved in beta-testing and feedback on software and programs for Microsoft.

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