Compelling Content – 5 Essential Elements Your Website Needs

Everyone who talks about website content will tell you that the content on every page needs to be “compelling.” Exactly what makes the words on your website compelling is poorly understood, though, even by some web design companies.

Compelling content isn’t just buzz; it needs a clear definition and a thorough understanding of exactly what your website is trying to do. The content on each page of your website must compel visitors to choose you to supply the products or services they need. If it doesn’t do that, it fails — and so does your website. Here are five essential features of compelling content:

  • Identification with Visitors – Website content must show visitors right away that you know who they are and what they need. Since they may arrive on any page, this type of content should always be near the top of each page. It helps to compel visitors to stay on your website and acts to build trust and confidence in your business.
  • Offers to Help – When you enter a brick-and-mortar business, you expect someone to greet you and ask, “Can I help you find something?” When your visitors land on any page on your website, the content in your navigation has that job. To be compelling, it must be concise, logical, and clearly lead visitors where you want them to go.
  • Accurate, Complete Information – Every Internet search is a quest for information. It’s up to the content on your website to provide information that meets the needs of visitors. They’re busy, so that information must be easy to access, presented clearly, and not leave visitors with questions. The more effectively your information is presented, the more compelling it will be.
  • Appropriate Language Use – You know the demographics of your target audience. The content on your website should speak their language. You’re the expert on your products or services, and visitors expect you to be able to inform them in language they’re comfortable reading. Finding the most compelling way to reach your target customers is a job for pros.
  • Making the Sale – Whether you’re selling products or trying to get visitors to become leads, your content needs to close the deal in a compelling way. Show visitors why they should buy from you. Ask them to take action. Since they may make the decision at any time, calls for action belong on every page, along with immediate access to buying opportunities or contact methods.

Marketing Content is Highly Specialized Writing

On your website, every word counts. Both space and the attention span of your visitors are limited. Creating compelling, SEO-rich content that gets action isn’t a simple job. To get the most impact from your content, rely on professional marketing writers working hand-in-hand with your web designer.