Designing Your Own Website? 5 Reasons It Will Fail

Why you may end up with little but wasted time designing your own website.

For many small businesses, saving money by creating a website as a do-it-yourself project is appealing. Web hosting and domain registration companies, along with online accounting companies, offer tools that help you design a site on your own, but can those sites actually deliver customers, clients, and leads? The answer is almost always no. No DIY website can ever perform as well as a professionally-created website. Here’s why:

  • Cookie-cutter templates aren’t the answer – Your business is unique. No stock template in a DIY design app can truly reflect your concept, branding, and vision. Typical online design systems limit your options. Competitors may even choose the same template you’re looking at. Professionally-designed websites are based on a thorough understanding of your goals and style. Your site should be as unique as your business.
  • DIY web design systems limit creativity – All design-it-yourself applications restrict your flexibility. Their standardized images, fonts, and page layouts make it impossible to customize a design to match your needs. You’re stuck with the tools available and can’t venture beyond what they offer. A professional designer has complete flexibility to customize the look and feel of your site. Don’t limit your options.
  • Stock website designs severely limit SEO – Helping customers find your business on search engines demands outstanding search engine optimization. Competition is fierce. Getting your site to the top of search results is a complex job. Optimization within your website’s architecture and woven into every part of your website is impossible on a DIY basis. Only professional web design teams can implement truly effective SEO.
  • Most business owners aren’t content experts – Google rankings pay close attention to the quantity, uniqueness, and quality of the content on every website. Creating marketing content that retains and converts visitors, gives them ample information, and acts as a container for keyword phrases they use is a tough job. On your own, you’ll be competing with professionally-written content on other sites. Calling in content pros is essential for success.
  • Creating a powerful website is time-consuming – How much time can you spare from managing your business to work on a website? You already have a full plate. Every website requires thousands of decisions and hundreds of hours of detailed, painstaking work. Most DIY websites clearly look like they were rushed. When you hire a professional design firm, your site will reflect that professionalism. Visitors notice.

Your Business Deserves an Effective, Compelling Web Presence

You’re the expert on your business. That expertise comes from experience, knowledge, and devotion. When it comes to website design and implementation, a completely different type of expertise is essential for success. If you’re tempted to take on your own website design, ask yourself if a less than professional result will do. Then call a professional web design firm and let them show you their results. Demand the best for your business.