Infusionsoft Pioneer Just Made Shipping Easier, Faster

Infusionsoft has been on fire lately. Chris Austin has been fanning the flames for years to help make that happen.

The most popular, useful business applications spawn integrated solutions. They can’t provide absolutely all of the functionality that every company will need, but their users refuse to leave the platform for a competitor’s because they like the core product too much. Integrated products extend the usefulness of that core product.

So it is with Infusionsoft.

Chris Austin recognized that trait of excellence back in 2005 when he met the co-founders, became a referral partner and bought and installed Infusionsoft for his own business. He became certified in 2009, and today he is both an Infusion Certified Consultant and an Infusionsoft Certified Developer.

Do as I Do

Over the years, Austin has coached countless other companies on setting up their Infusionsoft systems and crafting custom solutions. He’s one of a handful of individuals who wrote the exam that all other Infusionsoft developers take.

And while that type of work requires a strong technical bent, Austin is also passionate about – and skilled in the ways of — direct-response marketing, information marketing and entrepreneurship.

So when Chris Austin says he’s developing solutions that integrate with Infusionsoft – as he and John Pantoja, Senior Web Developer for Austin’s company, Tactical Marketing Systems, are doing – the Infusionsoft community takes notice.

Pantoja, in fact, completed a project for one of Tactical Marketing Systems’ clients last year that automated their ability to acquire new properties. Pantoja’s work clearly hit its mark: The client grew from $5 million in sales to over $15 million in one year.

Coming Attractions

You won’t see much about the Austin/Pantoja creations on the company’s website yet. They’re in various stages of development, but Tactical Shipping is the closest to being available. This application extends Infusionsoft’s reach when it comes to fulfillment. Most notable is its ability to send tracking information to customers regardless of the software being used.

Designed for small businesses that do in-house fulfillment and shipping, Tactical Shipping supports Endicia for USPS, UPS WorldShip and ShipStation. You can print branded invoices and packing slips with the click of a button. Down the road, look for more granular control over template layout and integration with other shipping software.

Also in the pipeline are Tactical Store and Tactical Quotes. The first, a WordPress plug-in, helps you create an entire storefront that integrates directly with Infusionsoft’s shopping cart. The application does all of the hard work for you, and mirrors Infusionsoft’s category and products. Tactical Quotes does just what it sounds like: builds multiple, customizable quotes that can be sent to prospects with a click, and then easily converted to an order.

We Help Entrepreneurs Build Better Sales and Marketing Systems with Infusionsoft, reads the banner that runs across the top of the Tactical Marketing Systems website. Though training, coaching, support and application development, the company is doing just that — quite successfully.

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